От AAT мы участвуем в техническом рабочем столе «Рынки туристической коммуникации и близости», организованном Eurecat и Советом провинции Таррагона.

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At the Alt Camp de Valls Regional Council, together with other tourism agents, we talk about the potential and values ​​of proximity markets, the strategies used to attract local tourists and trends in tourism communication.

From AAT we have 50% of the national market, in 2020 we had 77.8% overnight stays in the Spanish market (including the Catalan), our main international issuing market is the French which accounted for 18.5%, the rest are more residual markets. … This year, from January-October, we have had 69.9% of the Spanish market (includes Catalans) and 30.1% foreign, 22.1% was from the French.

Our main market is found in families with children and with a partner (83.4%), tourists come from cities such as Barcelona, ​​Lleida, Zaragoza, Navarra, La Rioja and the Basque Country.

We have always made our campaigns aimed at the local market, but we have increased a little the actions that we normally do. With the support of the Tarragona Provincial Council of Tourism, we have advertised on social networks, the project consisted of activating and maintaining a campaign on Facebook and Instagram, with an advertising video, aimed at promoting the accommodation of our associates in Catalonia, Aragon, the Basque Country, Navarra and La Rioja and a small group in the South of France. We segment you by geographic locations, age, parental status, and your interests. With the support of FEHT, we carried out a SEM + Display campaign in Google Ad in the Northeast of Spain (Catalonia, Aragon, Euskadi, Navarra and La Rioja and half of the South of France), we have also carried out a Display Remàrqueting campaign that allows us to impact with users who have already visited our website and who are browsing other portals or websites, the design of 10 banner formats was included for the different websites of the Display network. We have had a good return and visualization of our website, we have received more than 100 rental request forms, which we do not know, %, has been converted into real reservations, normally these campaigns work very well for us.