From Federatur we echo the proposal that Comunes announced, the presentation of a bill that opens the door to eliminate tourist apartments in tense areas in three years.

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Federatur eliminating tourist apartments in three years is an "electoralist" ...

The employers' association of tourist apartments Federatur has criticized this Friday the proposal of En común Podemos to eliminate the houses for tourist use in the stressed areas within a period of three years and has said that it is "electoralist" and that "it does not have any foundation". In a statement, the association regrets that the "negative economic impact" that this measure would entail is not taken into account, which would affect 45% of the places in accommodations of these characteristics and some 30,000 jobs, according to their calculations. On the other hand, Federatur has asked not to charge the private sector the responsibility for the lack of housing and recalls the offer of social rental in Catalonia "only" represents 1.6% compared to 15% of the European average.

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