Always with tourism. Happy to be present at the National Wine Tourism and Gastronomy Gala at the National Theater of Catalonia. We shared several moments. Generalitat de Catalunya We are Gastronomy ElBullifoundation.

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The National Wine Tourism and Gastronomy Gala has honored different professionals from the world of cooking and wine for their contribution to making Catalonia a gastronomic power valued and appreciated throughout the world.

Among the most outstanding professionals, Ferran Adrià has received the honorary award for the school that he has created, the legacy that he has left and for having become an international gastronomic reference from Catalonia; Nandu Jubany has received the award for best ambassador as a content creator of Catalan gastronomy; Ada Parellada, chef of the Semproniana restaurant and collaborator of the magazine CUINA, has received the award for Best Catalan Cuisine Prescriber for her dissemination of local gastronomy in digital media; and the communicator and sommelier Ruth Troyano has been awarded the award for Best Wine Prescriber.