The AAT Collaborators Club is constantly growing, this week the platform is incorporated, which offers a monthly rental modality, which complements the daily rental offer, especially during the low season, ensuring our associated companies a maximum occupation throughout the year.

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We welcome #flatio and his entire #team to the AAT Club!

Leading platform in Europe, specialized in monthly rentals for digital nomads, professionals and remote workers. It is present in 35 countries and 300 cities, making up a community of more than 50,000 potential tenants and 9,000 managers and owners, which has generated more than €84M in rental income since its inception in 2016.

FLATIO's clients want to explore the world while working, want to settle in a new destination for periods of 1-6 months and need fully equipped homes. Their average age is higher than the other groups, as well as their respect for property, since they live for longer periods of time.

The monthly rental modality complements the daily rental offer, especially during the low season, ensuring maximum occupancy during the year and being an additional channel that provides AAT associates with more valuable and serious customer profiles, without delinquency no conflict.

Thanks to this collaboration, AAT associates will benefit from a special reduction in the FLATIO commission, from April 2023, they will apply 6%, instead of 7.5% and as a promotion for new owners or managers, they will not They will be charged no commission until April 2023 so that the platform, the operation of the reservations and the profile of the tenants can be tested at no cost.

More information on this link RENT WISELY | FLATIO