Statements by the vice president of AAT Costa Daurada and Terres Ebre, Claudio J. Pérez... Aragón Noticias, "And after writing the final point to the EvAU... with the suitcase loaded for the 'mythical' trip to Salou".

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Thousands of Aragonese students culminate their year before university by visiting the Costa Dorada. The number of daily bus services triples, and occupancy on the beach is close to 90%.

... "This month there is always a fairly high occupancy because San Juan is also approaching, which is celebrated a lot in Catalonia. We will be around 90% occupied, bordering on full", explains the vice president of the Association of Tourist Apartments Costa Daurada i Terres de l'Ebre, Claudio Javier Pérez. "Salou is a family destination, but in June it is very noticeable that there is a peak of occupation that coincides with the end of the year. It is when more students are concentrated", he adds, while highlighting that the youngest tourists look in Salou " quality nightlife, but also Port Aventura, Aquopolis, sun and spectacular beaches". ...